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Closet Organization Essentials

Custom reach-in, wall-mounted closet system


If you can’t remember the last time you saw the bottom of your closet, or if you feel like your closet is so cluttered that it’s making mornings more challenging, it may be time to complete a closet organizing session. To get started, here are a few essentials that you may need to get your closet organized.

The Time

Many times, people under-estimate how much time it really takes to get everything organized. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time so you’re not rushing. Depending on how much you need to sort through and how much space you are working with, a closet organization session could last anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole day. Don’t forget that it is helpful to break up the session into multiple periods, so do make sure to properly allocate your schedule.

A Partner

Stay motivated, or get help if you have items up high that you need to go through. If you share a closet with your spouse, make sure they are also included in the design and organization process. In addition, getting organized can be better with two people so you can bounce ideas around of how you want to stay organized and where to place certain items to make the most of every inch.

Boxes and Bags

Organizing and purging go hand in hand. Make sure you have plenty of boxes and bags for all your items and piles, especially for items that will be tossed or donated. Once you have all of the items to be donated, make sure you get them out fast. Keeping them around could lead clutter to creep back in.


Labeling is a key part of not only getting organized, but staying organized. Labels help you remember where every piece of clothing is. This is especially helpful if you opt for a more decorative box or bin rather than a standard clear plastic bin. For out of season items, use labels to remember where certain items are stored. For a more decorative touch, rather than using a label maker, you can create fun tags to attach or tape to your bin.

Clear Boxes or Other Bins

Using clear boxes makes it easy to see which items are in a box, which reduces search time and helps your closet stay organized. Even using wire baskets can help you see all of your items. For jewelry, make sure all of your pieces are easily visible. Use multiple layers in your drawers so pieces can easily be found.

A Custom Closet

Custom closets are perfect for those looking for a chic and stylish option to their storage needs. In addition, because they are created with a storage expert you’ll know that it will help create a place for every single item you own. Plus, you’ll be able to maximize your space with proper hanging areas and the shelving you need.

For custom solutions for the Denver and Boulder, Colorado area, call in the storage experts at Closet and Storage Concepts. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom closets and other home organizers.