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Closet Organization for the Handbag Lover

handbags on shelf in a custom closet

handbags on shelf in a custom closetIf you have a slight obsession with handbags, you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s difficult to just say no. You might struggle to find solutions for your beautiful collection, even at the expense of a significant other. Rather than having them strewn about the house, there are plenty of corralling options in your closet. Your closet, and maybe even your significant other, will thank you.

Hooks & Pegs

Hooks can be a closet’s best friends. You can use simple ‘S’ hooks or shower hooks to hang your bags from a closet rod. Strong and sturdy pegs can be customized so bags have a place to call home. If you’d rather keep your purse in a dust bag, you can use still hang the dust bag from the peg with your handbag inside. It might not look as nice, but you’ll be certain your prized possessions are protected. Attach a photo of the handbag on the outside of the dust bag so you can know you’re grabbing the right bag if you’re in a rush.

On Display

If you can’t hide it, display it! If you’ve spent the cash on such beautiful pieces, why not show them off? Your handbags can be displayed on a wall with hooks, or on the top of a dressing table. If you’re blessed with a walk-in, try to make the bags the focal point of the closet with open shelving, or behind armoire styled glass doors. Anyone who sees your bags will be sure to be jealous of your collection.

Any purse lover wants to see their collection front and center. You’ll more than likely want to have your favorites at eye level, with the lesser-used ones a bit out of reach.

You can use magazine bins and racks to cleverly hold your wallets and clutches. Strong dividers built into your closet’s design can keep bags from falling down while creating cubbies for every piece you own.

Step It Up

Units that create multiple levels can help you make the most of your space. Adopt spice tiers for small clutches or wallets, and tiered racks meant for under your sink for your small to medium sized handbags. These are great so you can see what your options are at a glance.

Use the space all the way to the top of your closet. Keep the daily bags within reach, with ones you use less often out of the way. Sports bags and less fragile bags could benefit from being closer to the ground.

Watch the Door

Like many other objects, your bags can benefit from a sneaky behind-the-door option. There are a number of systems where you can use over-the-door hangers or hooks to store your bags. One of the best parts is that they’ll be kept off the floor.

We hope this helped for all you bag lovers. If you’re the lucky significant other to a passionate purse-owner, hopefully, you can help to implement some of these ideas. Just be careful of creating too much extra storage space – they might fill it! 

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