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Cookbook Storage for the At-Home Chef

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cookbook storage Colorado

cookbook storage Colorado

Whether you’re a fledgling cook or a seasoned kitchen expert, no cooking hobby is complete without its collection of cookbooks. If your kitchen is becoming overrun by cookbook clutter, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help. Here are a few fun ways we like to store cookbooks.

Spice Rack

It’s no question that cookbooks can take up a lot of counter space. One way to maximize space in your kitchen is to use spice racks. You can hang spice rack shelves anywhere that you have open space. Try the side of a cabinet, end of the counter, or even on the refrigerator. It’s an easy way to put your beloved books on display and reduce the amount of space required to store them.

Repurpose a Cabinet

Room to spare is often hard to find in the kitchen. But if you have an underutilized cabinet, consider repurposing it. If you remove the door of the cabinet, you now have a ready-made bookshelf to store your cookbooks. Add decorative pieces or unique bookends to create a display and heighten your interior design aesthetic.

Open Shelf Display

Open shelves provide a host of opportunities for pretty kitchen displays (that includes your cookbooks!). It’s important to consider use when arranging your open shelves. Keep the most frequently used cookbooks vertical, for ease of access. Otherwise, play around with creating color-coordinated stacks of books as filler. You can incorporate other items like plants, colorful dishware, or glass jars of spices or dried food.

Pantry Storage

If there is additional space in your pantry, why not use it to store your cookbooks as well? The top shelf is often difficult for reaching snacks, so it is ideal for allocating to cookbook storage. Try color coordinating the books for visual appeal.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to clever ways to store your cookbooks. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help. Whether you’re interested in adding custom cabinets or revamping the pantry, our experts have got you covered. Give us a call to schedule a free in-home design consultation, or visit our showroom here in Longmont.


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