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Creating A Multi-Purpose Basement

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Modern Custom Entertainment Center

Basements are commonly forgotten rooms in a home. A finished basement is essentially an extension of your home, so make the most of it by transforming it for entertainment, storage, or a guest room–or all three!


Create a space where you can watch movies with your family or host a game night. Custom entertainment centers make a perfect place for your TV, speakers, gaming consoles, and more. Having designated spaces for all your items is essential when making a multi-purpose room. These spaces create ease of access and stay clutter-free. Cabinet doors make it easier to manage your devices by concealing and organizing several electronic cables. When the entertainment space is not in use, stow away all accessories like remotes and controllers into drawers to make them easier to find later.

Part-Time Guest Room

There is no such thing as being over-prepared. An extra guest room in the basement can serve as the perfect accommodation for your guests, offering more privacy and comfort than a cot. Murphy beds–the best space-saving furnishings–are conveniently tucked away when not used, making plenty of space for entertainment. Even when closed, Murphy beds add style to the basement by offering your choice of finish, color, and hardware that seamlessly matches the rest of your furniture. Adding shelves along the sides of the Murphy bed can be great for decorating pieces and give your guests convenient places to keep their belongings.

Space-Saving Murphy Bed


Remember that you can still use your multi-purpose basement for storage without worrying about moving boxes around when you want to use that space. Adding custom cabinets is a great space-saving alternative that keeps less frequently used items and small boxes out of sight and out of mind. Hooks and clothing rods are not only for designated closet space. You can use closet-inspired storage systems in the basement to accommodate seasonal clothing and accessories or to keep rotating home decor. 

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