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Creating a Peaceful Night’s Rest

Woman peacefully sleeping in bed

Woman peacefully sleeping in bedIf you ever feel like you need a better night’s sleep, but can’t seem to get it, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is here to help with some tips! A good night of sleep will help you to recharge and be productive the next morning.

Declutter & Cut Out

Clutter is often thought as invading your physical space, but it can also cut into your emotional one. Getting organized will help to sooth chaos and increase productivity levels. Consider tackling one room at a time, or even one drawer at a time if that seems less daunting. Don’t feel rushed to get your whole home done at once.

If you feel emotionally cluttered, consider cutting out the negatives in your life. Focus on the positives and jot them down; it’s a great way to practice thoughtfulness and thankfulness. Positive energy will help to keep your mind calm and give you a more restful night of sleep.

Decluttering your life, both physically and emotionally, is a great way to keep your mind at ease to allow you to drift into an effortless sleep.

Create a Sanctuary

Sleep better by creating a space that fosters it. No matter the space you have to work with, a spot with comfortable fabrics, good airflow, and a good atmosphere can be beneficial to your sleep patterns.

Many recommend choosing bed linens with a high thread count, as this generally means that it will be softer. A good rule of thumb is to find sheets that have a 300 thread count or higher. However, some people tend to sleep better with different fabrics. If you are drawn to flannel sheets, by all means, go for it. Do throw out, donate, or reuse your old sheets.

Airflow and temperature can also help. Pick a comfortable temperature. There are even beds and other products that can help to maintain different temperatures if you and your significant other prefer different settings.

The atmosphere in terms of design is also worthwhile to consider. Once you’ve created the perfect room you won’t have much to worry about. Be sure you have ample amount of storage and that your color palette and layout are soothing to keep your mind at ease.

Mood Swing

By de-cluttering, and eliminating the negatives in your life you’ll be ready for some mood swings towards happiness. You can achieve further peace by doing activities such as taking a bath or indulging in some aromatherapy. Warming your body can help to create a sense of calm that will lead to a good night of rest. Scent can also play a role; choose one that calms rather than energizes. Your home will get to benefit too!

We hope you found these useful and that you can get a better night’s rest! Need more help with the bit about de-cluttering? Closet & Storage Concepts Denver, Colorado has you covered. Stop by our showroom to see how we can help you create space in your home. Or, give us a call to schedule your free, in-home estimate!

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