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Creating Extra Storage Space In Your Home

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You’ve downsized your closet and tried out new storage additions, but it still feels like you’re running out of storage space – what’s next? In any home, there are ways to increase and improve your storage systems. Below, we outline some of the ways to add extra storage in existing spaces that may have been overlooked.

Creating Dual-Purpose Rooms

Creating dual-purpose rooms will allow you to maximize the space available in your home. For example, a home office can be transformed into a guest bedroom by installing a Murphy bed and desk duo. A Murphy bed can seamlessly disappear when not in use. This feature gives you a functional home office that offers plenty of extra storage space. This also helps you free up other areas of your home.

Look Up!

Often, high-level storage can be a missed opportunity – this includes shelving, cabinets, and more. While high-level storage and shelving can be a little harder to access, it’s the perfect spot for lesser-used items in any space: your closet, garage, laundry room, pantry, or wherever else you have additional storage requirements. The Closet & Storage Concepts team can incorporate this type of upgrade into any remodeling project for extra storage.

Utilize Awkward Spaces

Most homes have at least some spaces that are difficult to optimally use: from awkward under-stair space to steeply angled roofs to unwelcoming basements. Upgrade awkward spaces with smart design elements and storage additions to make them more usable. Transformed a tight under-stair space to store coats or luggage. Revolutionize basements and attics with additional shelving and storage additions to safely store seasonal items like winter sports gear or holiday decorations.

Custom Storage Systems

Custom storage systems can offer a variety of benefits over one-size-fits-all versions. When you work with Closet & Storage Concepts, you’ll receive storage solutions that are perfectly suited to your unique needs and your unique space. For every area of your home, we can provide customized designs, high-quality construction, and expert installation. Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your storage space.

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