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Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Many book lovers struggle to make time for reading because they have so many commitments and distractions throughout the day. The solution is to create a cozy space in your home to get away from it all and relax with a good book. Here are some tips for creating the perfect reading nook in your home.

Reading nook with chair and shelves

Comfort is Key

Make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable in your reading nook. This includes a soft, supportive place to sit – whether it’s a chair, a couch, or cushions – as well as pillows and blankets that are both comfortable and stylish. If you love to read while sipping your favorite beverage, consider creating a tea or coffee station with an electric kettle or a coffee maker. Lighting is important for comfort, too, both for your eyes and your mood. Make sure you have good overhead lighting or a bright lamp nearby.

Book Storage

While you can certainly store some or all of your books elsewhere in the house, having a collection of beloved books on display in your reading nook will add to the ambience and make it easy to swap out books when you feel like a change. If there’s room, add a whole book case to your reading nook. If not, using a couple small shelves or a cabinet with glass doors to store a few books works well, too.

Express Yourself

The more you love your reading nook, the more you’ll sit down and read. So dress up the space however you like. Add art pieces, family photographs, house plants, or even twinkle lights. Get creative with the pillows and blankets. You can even create your own literary-themed decor with print-outs of book covers and famous author quotes.

Make Room for Two

It’s much easier to sit down and read when the people around you are doing it, too. It’s also nice to have company, even if you’re silent the whole time. So if your partner or roommate is also a reader, make room for them in your reading nook. Make room for your animals, too! You’ll be extra cozy and motivated to read when your pet is curled up next to you.

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