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Creative Ways to Hide Clutter in Plain Sight

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Nearly everyone wants to cut out clutter to keep their home looking its best. But when you’ve decluttered and downsized as much as possible, how do you manage to hide the necessary stuff that’s just not visually appealing?

5 Clever Tricks for Concealing Your Clutter

Perhaps you’ve done all you can to clean up and create extra storage space in your home, but you still see too much clutter. Try out some of these hacks for hiding some of your stuff:

1. Use hideaway boxes.

Perhaps one of the best storage hacks, decorative hideaway or decoy boxes are the perfect way to hide not just tools and supplies but also wires, cords, outlets, and other utilities that are cluttering your space. These trendy storage solutions work by disguising the contents as books, plants, frames, or other aesthetically pleasing decor. 

2. Hang a tension rod with curtains.

If you have open shelves, easily hide belongings with a simple tension rod and a curtain. Tension rods are easy to install and come in a huge range of lengths and sizes. Match the curtain color or print to the room’s interior design for a more cohesive look.

3. Take advantage of cabinet doors.

Plenty of storage solutions exist that leverage your cabinet doors for maximized storage that goes unseen. Many of them are even renter-friendly! For example, you can hook pot lid organizers or towel rods over the top rail of the cabinet door or use removable adhesive hooks to secure supplies such as bags and gloves to the inside. Cabinets can also be used to store all sorts of things behind their doors – even a computer or work station!

4. Go vertical!

Don’t forget your doors. Like cabinets, the doors in your home offer plenty of structural support and vertical space for storing a number of items. Over-the-door hooks are great for jackets or towels, and shoe organizers can be strung up and tucked away behind a pantry or closet door. 

When in doubt, look up! Especially in basements and garages, bins can be secured to the ceiling for easy access while freeing up floor space. Moreover, utilizing clear storage makes finding what you need even easier.

5. Transform transparent shelves with contact paper. 

Clear and open shelving were all the rage at one time, but nowadays, they’re a magnet for visible clutter. For transparent cabinet doors, apply patterned contact paper or privacy film to the inside of the glass to conceal the contents. For open shelves, try referring back to and implementing ideas No. 1 or No. 2 above!

Other Considerations When Clearing Up Space

Letting go of clutter and personal items isn’t easy, but it can be necessary—especially when your closets and shelves are overflowing with unnecessary items. However, if you’ve downsized as much as possible, a lot of the remaining objects can be cleverly concealed in just a few steps. 

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