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Custom Closet Features to Consider

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Custom closet Denver

Designing a custom closet can be an incredibly fun process when you have the right team of professionals helping you out. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we can talk to you about the specific needs and limitations of your space and design the perfect custom closet that gives you everything you’re looking for. To make this process less daunting, we’ve put together a few of our favorite closet features for you to consider. Take a look here!


Custom closet DenverCustom Shelving 

The most important piece of your custom closet will be shelving that meets your wardrobe and storage needs. Whether you want deep cubbies to store bulky, folded sweaters or shallow shelves to organize smaller items of clothing, we can design it for you. One game-changing piece will be adjustable shelves that you can move throughout the year to accommodate your season wardrobe changes.


Dual Hanging Rods

Do you have a lot of clothing items that need to be hung such dressy work pants or shirts? The modern professional is always on the go and should always be able to effortlessly run out of the door looking put-together. Extra hanging space will make sure your clothes stay neat and wrinkle free. Consider a second wardrobe rod that utilizes hard to reach vertical space in your closet and doubles the amount of clothes you can hang!


Custom reach in closet DenverShoe Rails 

If you don’t have a clear organizational method to storing your shoes, you put your shoes at risk for getting squashed or dirtied in the well-known shoe mountain at the bottom of your closet. Our custom length shoe rails will give you all the space to keep your shoes tidy. Whether you have a handful of pairs you switch between or you need a whole shoe wall, we can find the space for your proper shoe storage.


Laundry Pullouts

The last thing you want in an organized closet is to have your dirty clothes mingling with your clean clothes. Avoid having to sniff-test everything you own with convenient laundry hamper pullouts. This makes sorting clothes as easy as can be and will keep your clean clothes smelling clean and help let you know when it’s time to run the wash.


Ready to get started with your own custom closet? We are ready to help! Call the team of expert designers and installers at Closet & Storage Concepts here in Denver, Colorado! We offer free in-home consultations to measure and plan out your space and for you to view the different products, styles, and finishes that we offer. It’s time to build the closet of your dreams that matches your aesthetic, your budget, and your lifestyle! Call us today to get started.


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