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Customize Your Bedroom Closet

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Custom Closet in Denver

Closet and Storage Concepts Colorado is locally owned and operated with over a decade of experience helping create custom closets in the Denver Metro area. Someone from our design team will work with you to understand your lifestyle and design a bedroom storage solution that’s right for you. One of the ways that we do this is by offering several products that can be used to customize any space to fit your exact needs. Take a look at a few features that can add functionality and style to your space.


Custom Closet in Denver

Cabinets and hutches can be customized to accommodate any collection of clothing. Glass doors are great for showcasing that new outfit you can’t wait to wear for the first time. Solid doors conceal your favorite items while you wait for them to come back into season. You can carefully select the number and depth of drawers to ensure there’s a place for every item. And, we’ll also help you match the style of your closet with your existing décor.


Valet rods give you a place to set aside the clothes you plan on wearing the next day. These are perfect for limiting the daily time-crunch many of us find ourselves in every morning.


Shoe storage is a must in every closet, but not everyone’s collection requires the same amount of space. Some may need a wall of shelving, while others just need a cubie or two.


Hanging areas keep your pressed items organized and looking sharp. Using the right combination of long, medium, and double hanging sections will help maximize your space and keep your trips to the dry cleaners to a minimum.


Closet islands can be designed especially for displaying your favorite items, whether that means jewelry, watches, sunglasses, or another group of accessories. Or, you can add a little life to your closet with a music station and perhaps some fresh cut flowers or a terrarium.


Of course, these are just some of the storage solutions that we offer for bedroom closets. Other options include mirrors, tie racks, lighting, and more. Closet and Storage Concepts Colorado can also help you customize the storage areas in your garage, office, or any other room in the house.

Because we design, manufacture, and install all of our own products, we can ensure that we are delivering quality to you at every step of the process. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee. Stop by our showroom to see what we have to offer. Or, let one of our designers come to you!