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Customizing Wine Storage for Your Colorado Home

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Wine Storage in Colorado
Wine Storage in Colorado

One of the many perks of living here in Colorado is that our gorgeous landscape produces some amazing wine. With weekend wine tours happening everywhere from the Eastern Plains to Grand Valley, and from Northern Colorado to Pikes Peak, you could spend years exploring Colorado’s wine country. If this is something you’ve already begun doing, you’ve probably brought a few bottles home, and you’re no doubt familiar with how much room wine bottles can take up. Before things get too out of hand, here’s a look at some of the ways Closet & Storage Concepts can help you create the perfect custom wine storage solution.

How to Store Wine

The first step in customizing your wine storage is to figure out if there’s a place in your home suitable for storing wine, or if you’ll need to create the proper environment using refrigeration, racks, and cabinets. Most wine should be kept where the temperature is between 45°- 75° F and not likely to fluctuate rapidly. Storing your wine bottles on their side keeps the cork from drying out and letting oxygen in, or worse, wine out. And, it’s also recommended that you store your wine in a dark location, or at least where your wine won’t be exposed to UV light, which can age the wine too fast.

Customizing Your Wine Storage

Once you’ve identified a place, you can start to think about how much space you want to dedicate to your collection. Wine racks and hutches can be made to fit inside spaces just a few feet wide, while custom cellars can be built to fill an entire room. So, whether you’re a budding aficionado who has just begun to grow their collection, or, a well-established sommelier who has been collecting for decades, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can work with the space you have, to create a storage solution you’ll love.

After you’ve decided where you will store your wine and how much space you’ll need, the final step is to think about what combination of features to use. Custom wine storage can be built to include racks, cabinets, drawers, and more to fit your specific needs.

Other features go beyond providing storage. You can include small refrigerators and countertops perfect for entertaining guests and, Closet & Storage Concept designers will match your wine storage to your existing décor.

Get Started Today!

Locally owned and operated Closets & Storage Concepts Colorado has over a decade of experience designing and installing high-quality storage solutions. Let them help you with all your storage needs, starting with a free consultation. Call or stop by our showroom today!

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