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Designing a Guest-Friendly Home

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With the holidays upon us, you might need to create extra space for guests in your home – whether they’re staying overnight or only for a meal. This time of year can make us realize what our home may lack in space to accommodate visitors. If you’ve encountered strain on the space and storage in your home, here are some remedies to help.

Murphy Beds

Sofa beds and air mattresses are not the pinnacle of comfort, and they can also be unwieldy and time-consuming to set up. Upgrade your guest’s experience with a more comfortable and easy-to-operate solution: Murphy beds! Our Murphy beds can fit full-sized mattresses and are easy to operate, making your space functional as well as comfortable.

Murphy beds allow you to create rooms with hybrid functionality, meaning that you don’t need to sacrifice your home office or spare room in exchange for a guest bedroom. Instead, they fold seamlessly away when not in use, allowing you to use your space however you like, and can be folded down when it comes time to host guests.

Entryway Storage System

With guests coming and going from your home, an entryway storage system will help to prevent clutter. Additionally, the entryway is where guests develop their first impression of your home. Set them off on the right foot with a beautiful, custom-designed entryway storage system that will leave them impressed. 

Kitchen Upgrades

Not only do the holidays often mean additional people in your home, but they can also mean large family meals and plenty of cooking. Preparing food, stocking ingredients, and gathering cooking tools can put quite a strain on your kitchen organization. If you’ve felt the chaos of holiday cooking and hosting, then consider custom-designed pantry upgrades that will make things a little easier. Spice racks, shelving, drawers, baskets, hanging storage, and more can help you tame the chaos of holiday meal prep. We’ll work with you to find the right combination of pantry and kitchen storage upgrades to suit your needs.

Prepare Your Home for Guests – And the New Year – With Custom Storage Upgrades

The team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado is here to help with year-round upgrades to your home. From bedroom to garage, we provide custom-designed cabinets, closets, and more. Contact us today to schedule your free design consultation!

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