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Designing a Modern Entertainment Center for Your Longmont Home 

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modern media unit colorado

modern media unit coloradoMore time spent at home is a good opportunity to tackle some at-home projects you’ve been putting off. Maybe you notice your living area could use a little refreshing. Perhaps you never really did get rid of the hand-me-down furniture you received when you first moved in. An easy way to revamp your living room is to invest in a customized modern entertainment center. It is amazing what changing this often-highlighted piece of furniture can do for your space. If you’re currently streaming the latest shows from a more traditional looking space, it’s time to mix up your design.

Visualize Your Ideal Space

Start with the planning phase. Visualize what your ideal living space looks like and how an entertainment center fits into the picture. Modern entertainment centers are way less bulky so you have a lot of room to play around with. Think about the color scheme and features you’d like to see. There are no rules when it comes to the imagination phase. Our design team can help you plan this custom piece to suit your needs. 

Design with Functionality in Mind

Remember that oftentimes less is more. Stick to simply designed pieces. Modern entertainment centers are all about sleek clean lines. Bulkier versions take up so much space in the room, and can become places that house miscellaneous junk over time. With open-concept versions, items are visible and easily accessible. Once you make the switch to a new entertainment center, consider investing in custom closet solutions to stow away all of the extra items you’ve relocated. Envision how you’d wish the furniture to be utilized and what features you’ll need to use. This includes an organized system to coral all of your cables, a couple of cabinets to store any movie collections or game consoles, open shelving to display photographs or other memorabilia and more.

Frame Your TV

TVs these days are larger and are usually mounted onto the wall. Frame the TV with floating shelving and cabinetry. Workaround this focal point and be creative.

Start Planning Your Next Project in Longmont Today!

Start shopping for your next storage solution from the comfort of your Longmont home today. Our team at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado are ready to assist with all of your design needs. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation and to learn more about our custom storage solutions.


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