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Desk Types For Your Home Office

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Circular desk type in a custom home office

Did you know you have options for your home office desk? You’re probably wondering, “what? I thought just any ole thing from the internet would work”. Sure, they do the basic function of a desk, but if you work from home or are serious about home office organization, You’ll want to read about some desk types to find the best one for your home office.

L-Shaped Desk

L-Shaped Desks give you tons of space. This type is a fantastic option if you are a remote worker that doesn’t like having multiple workspaces. With ample desktop space, you can fit your computer & writing materials in one spot and have room to move around. 

You can have this desk in multiple configurations:  

  • Both sides against the wall – Perfect for smaller spaces, this corner desk idea gives you the most desk space without making you feel claustrophobic.
  • One side off the wall – Good for bigger spaces, this option gives you a wider view of your space and frees up some wall space for built-in cabinets and storage.
  • Both sides off the wall – Ideal for large spaces, this option gives you a complete view of your office. 

Circular Desk

Similarly to the L-Shape, the circular desk stems out of the wall or end of your furniture. While slightly unconventional, this desk has the swivel factor and offers a more ergonomic option than the L-shape. This style is a good option if you are not a fan of harsh lines!

Dropdown Desks

Dropdown desks are incredible space savers. Not to be confused with floating desks, which can be small and unsupportive to much weight. Dropdowns are ideal for people that don’t require many work materials. They provide enough structural support for everyday use, lasting much longer than floating desks. When not in use, this desk blends in beautifully with the rest of your cabinetry. Once you need a surface for some quick breakout work, pull the desk out, and you’re ready to roll. It’s as easy as that!

The design experts and Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado are available to answer your questions and discuss design options for the ideal desk. Get the best fit for your space by scheduling a complimentary design consultation. Get started today!