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Easiest Closet Upgrades

custom reach-in closet storage

custom reach-in closet storageAt Closet & Storage Concepts, serving Denver and all of Colorado, we know how busy our clients are and we want to help them make the most of their time. If you’re looking to upgrade your closet, but are short on time, we’ve assembled some easy closet upgrades that can make a big impact in both design and functionality. Pick and choose from these great tips to get a better-looking closet today!


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of your closet. Whether you just need to replace a light bulb or want to upgrade to a chandelier, lighting makes a difference not only when helping you pick items to wear, but it can also affect your mood. Consider having lighting built into your closet cabinets and shelves as spotlights to show off some of your pieces and create an upscale, luxurious look in your closet.


Hangers, baskets, bins, and hardware are all easy pieces to upgrade and are usually perfect if you’re on a budget. These small pieces can pay big dividends in the look of your closet. Plus, if you like the look of your closet down to every last detail, you’ll be more likely to use and maintain your closet.


The most budget-friendly of them all, the simple act of rearranging your closet can make it feel like a whole new closet. It can also give you a chance to remove outdated pieces. You can change the order of your clothes by color, season – any way you choose, as long as you’re happier with the new order than before. You can also choose to move seasonal items up and away to stay organized for the current season.

Add Storage

Add storage to create space in your closet and a whole new layout. A new layout can make your closet much more functional and in-line with your current needs. It can also be a way to maintain and prepare to grow your closet as your needs change. Whether you’re adding shoe cubbies, a pants rail, or even a simple valet rod, your closet will look better and function better – the perfect combo for a successful closet upgrade. When you’re ready to commit, don’t forget to fully invest in customized closet solutions for the biggest impact to your closet and your life.

If you need help adding storage in your home, be sure to call Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado! We are your local choice for custom closet storage solutions and provide free consultations right in the comfort of your Denver home.

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