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Easy Holiday Decorations

Gold glass ball Christmas ornaments


If you’ve recently moved into your Denver, Colorado home, or you don’t have a lot of time to add festivity, it’s not too late. Here are some of our top picks at Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver. By keeping a minimal amount of holiday decorations, you’ll minimize how much you have to store away at the end of the season!


A wreath is one of the easiest ways to bring festivity into your home. In addition, many places from your standard department store to your local florist should be able to sell you a readymade piece. Simply select your piece and hang on your door. Smaller wreaths can look great on coffee and dining tables alike. Just be careful when burning candles near them. A wreath made from a fragrant pine can yield the benefits of filling your home with a holiday scent as well.

Light It Up

Using lights throughout key areas of your home is another easy way to evoke holiday cheer. Use strands along the perimeter of rooms or group them around your wreath. Battery-operated strands are particularly useful for this task so you’re not tripping over cords. Find more traditional bulb shapes and styles so you can use them throughout the year (meaning less to store).

Re-Use Those Ornaments

If you have no time for a tree, you can still make use of your ornaments. One option is to keep ornaments in a bowl or large glass hurricane for a centerpiece. Trade out the ornaments for confectionary goodies so you can use them all-year round. Try hanging ornaments from a tension rod with fishing line in the tops of windows, above the mantle, or over doorways (away from dogs and cats) for some added texture and color. Vary the heights of the ornaments to give added interest. This simple project can work well with any color scheme you have in mind.

Swap out the Books

Bring more seasonal reads to your coffee table. Pick classic holiday tales that you remember as a kid or modern favorites. Coloring books are becoming increasingly popular this year, so try a festive one from the dollar store to keep guests entertained until the main course. If you’d rather not add to your collection, find books with covers that fit the theme in red, green, blue, and purple. By swapping out your books, you can add some cheer without accumulating more clutter.

Create Memories

The holidays aren’t just about the decorations you put up – be sure to create memories in your home. From baking together, spending a day watching your favorite holiday movies, or crafting snowflakes, cherish your home for providing a place to create memories.

We hope you found these tips helpful and have a happy holiday! If you’re ready to get organized in 2016, don’t hesitate to call Closet and Storage Concepts today.

Photo by Gerd Altmann, under Public Domain (CC0 1.0).