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Efficient Design Features For Your Pantry

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Great pantries don’t have to be large, but they do have to be organized. If your space is less than efficient, heed these tips to make your pantry space work for you, both in terms of function and good looks. 

Stock Up on Containers and Baskets

Labeled glass or plastic jars, covered containers and decorative baskets beautify any pantry and add great function. Clear containers store pasta, rice, dried beans, cereal, flour, sugar and snack items. They’ll also allow you to assess restocking needs with just a quick glance. Rolling plastic bins or covered carts placed under the bottom shelf of a walk-in pantry easily stow kitchen cleaning supplies, paper goods, lunchbox items and large soda bottles. Baskets can be used to corral spices or specialty items, from food to entertaining supplies.

Rethink (and Reorganize) Shelving

Narrow pantry shelves sized to store various height cans, bottles and packaged foods keep your supplies front and center. If you have to live with broad shelves or an awkwardly-designed walk-in pantry, consider organizers like a lazy Susan or stair-step space expander to maximize function. If you redo pantry shelving, however, opt for narrow shelves that are the depth of a large can or quart-size bottle. Plan to stack cans only two-high. That way, nothing can get lost at the back of the shelf! In a cabinet-style pantry, insist on adjustable shelving, and order one or two extra shelves.

Use Vertical Space to Advantage

Even if there is little room for extensive shelving, make pantry walls work for you with pegboard and appropriate hooks, hanging racks or baskets. If you have a small pantry closet, install a closet rod or sturdy metal curtain rod to hang spray-handled cleaning bottles, shopping bags, dishtowels and table linens. Install a wall-mounted paper towel holder in the pantry to wipe up spills. A whiteboard or a corkboard can hold recipe notes, family messages or shopping reminders. 

Customize, Customize, Customize!

The best way to make your pantry as efficient as possible is to work with a team of professionals to customize the space. From adjustable shelves to lazy Susan spice racks to tilt out baskets, we can build a pantry that works with you. Our custom features will put your frequently used items right at your fingertips, limiting the time you spend searching during meal prep and limiting the food you waste due to poor organization.

Get Started With Closet & Storage Concepts

Bring some of your pantry needs into the kitchen, if possible. Modern cabinet accessories like pull-out shelves, tilt-out drawers and between-the-studs spice racks can put frequently-used Contact us today to explore ideas for modernizing your pantry! We’ll help you create a kitchen that is truly the heart of your home. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado proudly serves the greater Denver area.