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Embracing Maximalism

Living room furniture maximal design


While many organizers and organization systems implore you to cut down on clutter there’s still a place for a maximalist outlook in a home. Here’s how to embrace maximalism in your home and prove that more is actually more.

  • Treasure, don’t hoard. While many believe that maximalism is just a design aesthetic for hoarders, the Colorado team at Closet and Storage Concepts beg to differ. Maximalism should be thought of as a form of organized chaos. It allows you to treasure items without having to worry if they clash. Maximalism is a more overt way to express individuality than minimalism. Be aware that treasuring items is different than hoarding and accumulating clutter.
  • Maximize Storage. Just because you are deciding to keep a multitude of items, that shouldn’t mean that you don’t maximize your storage. In fact many homes that are decorated with maximalism in mind still make use of their storage situations. They may even decorate their units with fun patterns and colors to inject more energy into their space.
  • Pattern Play. Design wise, maximalism is all about embracing and mixing patterns. Embrace stripes, and polka dots, and every pattern in between. Don’t be shy when embracing maximalism. Use this design style to embrace vivacious colors that really speak to the energy of life and cheer. If you still want to keep a cap on things, try repeating the patterns and colors throughout your space and note the scale of the patterns you pick.
  • Thoughtful Additions. You may not believe it, but only keep or make thoughtful additions. Don’t keep items that don’t hold sentimentality or value – that could be seen as borderline hoarding. Even those who believe that they are more of a maximalist make careful purchases. They often know what will suit a space and can find creative ways to make it work. If you are dipping your feet into the style remember to make careful displays. Often grouping like items together can help give your space cohesion.
  • Experience Life! Maximize the feelings of life – that is one premise behind the maximalist movement. While “simple living” can be beneficial for some audiences, just remember that sometimes it can be good to keep items. Many items can feel sentimental and the best homes that embrace maximalism usually have a story to every piece. Items from around the world and the mixing of places, ideas, and things help to give the feeling that more is more. The accumulation of well-loved items helps to convey what it feels like when you embrace what it means to be alive.

Maximalism isn’t for everyone, but be sure to give it a try and see how you can still incorporate storage systems and clever design in your home. Crave strict lines and subdued design? Be sure to give the Denver and Boulder, Colorado team at Closet and Storage Concepts a call for more tips and tricks!

Photo by alexandria. under Public Domain through Creative Common License Zero (CC0 1.0).