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Entertainment Center Organization Tips

traditional entertainment center built-ins Longmont, CO

traditional entertainment center built-ins Longmont, COIf you feel overwhelmed in your living room because of cords and overall disorderliness, we’re here to help you. Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado, serving the greater Longmont and Denver areas, helps customers get their homes organized with custom solutions for their closets, entertainment centers, and everything in between. Here are some ways to get your entertainment center organized for a more efficient home today.

Cord Control

Take a note from Disney’s Frozen and conceal, don’t feel. Entertainment centers are responsible for housing your TV and often other electronic gadgets, which means that cords can go a bit crazy. Keep them under control with cord management techniques such as labeling the ends of your cords and bundling them together. You can also get fancy with your electrical work by installing a power outlet behind your TV to keep all power outlets and cords hidden.

Shelf Space

Having enough space for all of your speakers, equipment, and media items will be crucial to creating an organized and functional setup. Evaluate the shelf height for your items to maximize your space. CDs will need less vertical space than DVDs, while vinyl records will tend to need more than both of those. You need an entertainment center that can house all of your needs.

Dial Down

Assess what really needs to be stored in your entertainment center by purging or selling items that are unnecessary for you. For example, if you still have VHS tapes but are on a strictly digital diet of entertainment including Netflix and Hulu, consider selling or donating them. For home movies, there are programs and services to convert them into a digital format. Converting them will preserve your special memories and give you more storage space.

Remote Central

Multiple devices used to mean that you needed multiple remotes to control all of them. Remotes can clutter your living area and negatively impact your home’s organization. Either use an app to control all your systems on your tablet or smartphone or use a remote with multiple settings. Make sure you have a designated area to corral all of your remotes. Keeping them in a central area will help to reduce the look of clutter.


Home entertainment centers that are customized for your life will be the best way to achieve an organized home. Like a fingerprint, each home’s needs and layout will be unique. Don’t tackle your unique problem with a common storage system. Customized systems that are built with the help of an experienced designer like ours, take into account your unique storage and design needs. Our designers help you create the perfect solution for your home. No matter if you need to conceal your TV, or need more storage in your living room for toys and books, we’ll help you find the best entertainment center storage design.

Your living area can benefit from an organized entertainment center. Get, and stay, organized by getting in touch with local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado. Or stop by our showroom in Longmont to see the latest innovative home storage products!

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