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Fall Clothing Essentials

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There is no better time than the fall to accessorize. Fluctuating daily weather can make it challenging to decide exactly what to wear, but having the right pieces in your wardrobe can help you welcome the season right. Get inspired with these fall staples that are easy to store to make the most of the season’s fashion.

Light Sweaters

The beginning of the season can be slightly unpredictable since the middle of the day can still be warmer than usual. Light sweaters, cardigans, and flannels can be your best friends. You can wear them morning and night, then conveniently slip them off during the day. When the days get colder all around, they provide all-day coverage while not weighing you down. Due to their light design: these fall staples can easily be hung in your closet for ease of access without taking up so much space.

Scarves and Hats

Scarves and hats are one of the most versatile accessories because they make a great addition to any outfit. They can serve as a statement piece by adding a pop of color and can be removed to create a night-time look. To keep the integrity of the hat’s shape, add hooks to your closet to prevent them from getting squished. If you find yourself frequently reaching for a hat, adding entryway hooks can provide easy access to your favorites.

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Light Coats and Blazers

If you like the practicality of cardigans but are looking for a more elevated look, look for light coats and blazers. Coats are one of the last things you put on before heading out the door, so why not have designated hanging space in your home’s entryway? This solution prevents your closet from feeling stuffy since fall clothes are thicker than summer options.


Ankle boots are fall staples, but mid-calf boots are making a comeback this season. Longer boots elongate your body, creating a sophisticated look. Storing longer boots can be a challenge since any form of bending can create creases in the material, especially in leather. Custom shoes easily accommodate longer styles and allow you to care for your shoes properly. Filling the legs of your boots with tissue paper is an easy and effective way of protecting the integrity of their shape when not in use.


Trousers come in a variety of earth tones, aligning perfectly with fall colors. They pair well with dark colors and balance any accent color you choose to add on top. To avoid having to constantly plug in the iron, choose to hang trousers. This method also avoids any unnecessary stretching and maximizes hanging space

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