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Feng Shui For Your Closet

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Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that aims to achieve harmony between humans and their environment through energetic forces. There is much more to it than what we’ll get into, but this might spark your interest to invest in a custom closet that will flow with you and not against you.

Find the Root of Stress

Stress is everywhere; work, family, and school. However, if you’ve felt like there is more to your stress than usual, look to your closet for extra clutter. A messy space does not allow energies to move fluidly, so maybe it’s time to tackle your closet.

The best way to know if your storage is not working is by emptying your belongings and putting everything back in. You’ll soon realize if you need more hanging space or if you find yourself bargaining with yourself about how much you’re willing to sift through your clothes to find what you want. 

Soothe With Color

All colors hold meaning, but organizing your closet to match the color of a rainbow allows energies of hope and good fortune to flow. If you don’t know the colors of a rainbow, remember ROY G. BIV. This name is made up of the first letter of each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. You don’t have to have every color of the rainbow in your wardrobe, but this is a good guide to be mindful of.

Mirrors & Energy

Mirrors are another hot topic in Feng Shui. They reflect an image, but they also reflect energy. Having mirrors in the bedroom is a “no-no” since they reflect energy, causing an active feeling in a space where you’re supposed to feel relaxed for better sleep. Instead of choosing a mirror on the closet door, put reflective surfaces within your closet on cabinet doors. 

We are not Feng Shui experts, but we are custom closet experts. This means we measure precisely and manufacture built-in custom furniture and accessories for your closet space. If you want to re-image your home’s functionality, stop by our Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado showroom to see dozens of samples and layouts.