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Five Fabulous Features for Your Pantry

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A pantry with a white finish storing lots of organized food

If the kitchen is the center of our home, the pantry is the foundation. However, pantries are often overlooked when it comes to our organization projects. If you are looking for a way to increase efficiency and space in your kitchen, think about custom pantry storage from the team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado. But first, take a look at a few of the features we like best. 

A pantry with a white finish storing lots of organized foodPull-Out Shelves & Baskets

Keeping items within reach is essential in any productive pantry. Using pull-out shelves or track system baskets will make your life easier and reduce the amount of food (and money) waste in your home. Furthermore, baskets can make it easier to streamline your lunch prep every morning by separating your snacks and corralling fruit that rolls around on traditional shelves. 

A Cookbook Library

Every good kitchen also functions as a good library. Custom shelves are the perfect system for storing your cookbooks and loose notes with your favorite recipes. This creative space will inspire you to broaden your skills in the kitchen and be your favorite spot in the house! 

Spice Racks

Never again should you be franticly searching for the spices you need in the middle of cooking your dinner. A custom spice rack on the wall, in a drawer, or on a shelf will make a world of difference during meal prep. In a free in-home design consultation, talk to our experts about the goals and dreams you have for your kitchen and we’ll build the system you need. 

Linen Drawers

This may not seem obvious, but a linen drawer is essential in your kitchen. Opting for reusable towels over paper towels is not only better for the environment, but also offer you more opportunity to personalize your space and add flair to your décor. 

A Custom Bar 

Lastly, if your home is often the hotspot for entertaining guests, dedicating space for a custom wine rack and refrigerated storage. Add shelving for your favorite bar glasses, spirits, and mixers. 

It’s time to get started! Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado and the team of local design experts can elevate your space and give you the kitchen of your dreams. We proudly serve the greater Denver area. Call us today!