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Functional Closet Organization

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When it comes to organizing your closet, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. Color, style, season, and so on. Maybe you’ve already found your tried-and-true method, but if you haven’t then we are here to help you. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we love the idea of organizing your closet and pantry by function. Keep reading to learn how to get started!

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Shrink Down

Giant drawers and spacious hangers aren’t as efficient as you’d think. These can actually cut down on functional space in your closet. To make the best use of your closet space, invest in smaller and more numerous drawers, and cut hanging space in half.

Seasonal Spaces

For clothes and accessories, it’s smart to organize by season. This cuts down on clutter and streamlines the process of finding the perfect outfit. Avoid sorting through bulky coats to get to your summer wear, or sifting through tank-tops in the dead of winter. We recommend keeping out-of-season clothing neatly folded or stored together to the side. Give clothing that’s fit for the season a center-stage in your closet.

Sort By Article

Sorting your closet by type of clothing is a method you’ve probably used at some point. However, as time passes, it’s easy to forgo steadfast organization in favor of speedy hanging and folding. It’s useful to periodically go through your closet, sort out unwanted and out-of-season clothing, and reorganize by type.

Install Drawers

Drawers are an excellent way to add an extra level of functional organization to your closet. Having a place in your closet to store accessories will cut down on time spent looking for the perfect final touch to an outfit. For small items such as jewelry, this is an excellent way to prevent lost or misplaced items. For bulkier options, such as scarves, shoes, and hats, this is a great way to add more space to your closet.  

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