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Garage Redesign: Tips & Ideas to Increase Functionality

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Red garage cabinets Denver, CO

Red garage cabinets Denver, CO

Many designers agree that redesigning your garage can increase your home’s functionality (and resale value) if you do it right. Take note of these popular design tips if you want to transform your home’s Denver garage from a clutter dropzone to a classy, organized, and multi-purpose room.

Organized Storage

Creating an organized garage storage system is perhaps the most popular way to transform a garage. Even so, there is no single style of storage that is necessarily better than another. One garage, for instance, may feature plenty of shelves with colorful storage boxes. On the other hand, for those who enjoy doing handyman projects on a regular basis, a large pegboard to hang up tools and supplies could be the best solution. 

Alternatively, investing in custom storage cabinets that can hold a wide range of items without taking up much space in a garage could be the way to go. Companies such as Closet & Storage Concepts specialize in making cabinets of this nature. Features that are typically included in a custom garage storage project include a workbench, sports racks, and cupboards.

Classy Flooring

Many homeowners are no longer willing to settle for a plain cement garage floor. Epoxy floors can provide extra durability and unique look. Some even choose to use plastic flooring to give a classier look. Look for waterproof or water resistant floors to help extend the life of your garage through Denver winters. Quality products should have a minimum 15-year warranty, and proper installation will vary on the product you choose. Make sure to consult with a flooring specialist before doing it yourself. This can save you stress and money!

Additional Vehicle Space

Homeowners are also looking for ways to store more vehicles in the garage. Common garage makeover options to accommodate those who need extra parking space may include expanding the existing garage or building a new structure. Before taking on a large remodel, decluttering and organizing are great first steps to get your car into the garage.

If you aren’t happy with the way your garage looks, consider the above points to see how you can turn your garage into a convenient, good looking room that meets your needs. Get rid of unnecessary clutter, assess how much storage space you need and consider trendy flooring and paint color options. It may take some time to give your garage a complete makeover but the results are sure to be more than worth it. Get started on a storage remodel with Closet & Storage Concepts!