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Garage Storage Tips For Winter Gear

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Winter in the Front Range is magical. The coldest season means slower days, longer nights, and plenty of wintertime recreation in the high mountain air. However, this often means headaches when it’s time to put the toys away. Whatever your wintertime recreational activity, we’ve got a storage solution to make your life easier.

Wet Equipment

Moisture on your winter gear is bound to happen. If you don’t want that moisture in your home, you need a separate place for your wet clothes. A simple coat rack can take care of pants, jackets, and accessories, but we’re more than happy to design a custom solution to fit your needs as well! A boot dryer is incredibly nice to have, as are non-slip, durable mats for kicking off snow and dirt before entering your home. Ideally, the places you store your wet gear will aid in drying it out. Make sure your accessories are in a warm area with some airflow. You can also just throw your clothes in the drier and they can go right into your storage bins, which we’ll talk about below.

Loading Skis & Snowboards

Skiing equipment should hang in an easy-to-grab spot in your garage that requires minimal effort to load into your car. For example, if you have a roof-mounted rack you would store your equipment directly opposite your car door with a stool underneath the rack – simply step up, grab your equipment off the wall, and plop them into the rack. Storing equipment on a wall also allows them the space to dry out between uses, this is essential to keep them rust-free.

Stress-Free & Timely Soft Good Storage

The best solution for storing dry soft goods (jackets & pants or accessories like helmets, gloves, goggles, etc.) is to have category-labeled bins. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is also more than happy to build you custom storage drawers that will look even better. These containers should be stocked with everything you need for that specific sport. This way, when you want to load up the car, you just open the drawer and take out what you need. The more specific you get, the better this works! You can even have a drawer for each person in your home if you have the space. Whether you do it yourself or you go with one of our custom options, this system is sure to make loading up the car a breeze.

Looking for a fully custom winter equipment storage solution? Look no further! Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado today for a FREE in-home consultation and we’ll have your garage tuned up in no time.