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Holiday Décor Storage Tips

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Colorful ornaments in storage box

Colorful ornaments in storage box

Now that the holidays are coming to a close, you are probably thinking about taking down your decorations and packing them back up until next year. A good storage system is crucial to keeping your holiday decorations organized. There’s nothing worse than opening up boxes from last year and facing a tangle of lights or a mess of tree ornaments! To help you out, we’ve put together some tips for storing your holiday decorations.

  1. Invest in proper storage

Don’t try to cram wrapping paper rolls in a too-small box, or store round wreaths in a square container. Investing in storage bins suited to your items will not only preserve their condition, but it will also save you space. There are many great products out there, including ornament boxes with individual compartments for each ornament, round wreath boxes, and long wrapping paper bins

  1. Make space

Putting away holiday decorations each year is much easier when you have room to store your boxes! While shoving them into a corner in your garage or attic may work in the short run, you’ll use your space more efficiently if you have a system in place. At Closet & Storage Concepts Denver, we design and install custom storage systems for your garage and home. We can design the perfect system for keeping your garage organized and your holiday decorations stored neatly away! 

large custom garage storage cabinetry Denver

  1. Label

One of our biggest tips for keeping your holiday decorations organized is to label everything! Without labels, you won’t remember which box has what, and you’ll waste precious time digging around looking for what you want. Your labeling system can be as simple as writing on a cardboard box with a sharpie! Be detailed – instead of just writing ‘wreaths’, write ‘front door wreath’ or ‘wreath with red bows’. You’ll thank yourself next year! Try to group items together, so you won’t need to open up four different boxes to find all the pieces to your mantelpiece display.

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