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Home Organizing Tips for Fall

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From falling leaves to pumpkin spice, the turn of the season from summer to fall brings with it many delights. One not-so-welcome change? The home storage challenges that often accompany the shift. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado hears from a lot of frustrated homeowners who want storage upgrades to make space for what they need and organize what they no longer do. Here’s a closer look at ways to Make Room for Life® this autumn by addressing several common organizational issues.

Conquer Kids’ Clutter   

Are you already tired of backpacks, binders, and books strewn about your home? Feel like you’re drowning in soccer cleats, fall jackets and field hockey sticks? If so, you’re not alone. There’s good news, however: You can reclaim your counters and floors by designating clear places for these belongings in an entryway, mudroom, or utility room. Hooks for hanging backpacks and coats, shoe cubbies, and storage cabinets are just a few simple space solutions for containing family clutter.

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Prep Your Pantry

What do Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s have in common? Aside from being holidays, they also involve many food-centric festivities. Whether you’ve got big baking plans or hosting duties on the agenda, organizing your pantry now will make everything easier and more efficient in the future.

Dress for Success 

Americans spend an average of five minutes and 20 seconds searching for a single misplaced item. Over the course of an entire year, this adds up to a whopping 2.5 wasted days! For many people, clothing and accessories are especially troublesome — especially if there’s not a specific spot for everything. The change of seasons is a perfect opportunity to sort and organize your wardrobe. By addressing your unique organizational needs, investing in a custom closet means you’ll spend less time looking for your favorite shirt or scarf and more time living your life.

custom garage storage denver coloradoGive Your Garage a Makeover

Winter will be here before you know. Now is the perfect time to maximize the functionality of your garage. From storing outdoor equipment to creating a convenient workspace for projects, a makeover will not only make your garage more accessible, but also more aesthetically pleasing. With smart space solutions like slat wall and pegboard tool storage, workbenches and sports racks, you’ll also free up room to achieve the seemingly impossible: a sheltered place to park your car. 

If you’re ready to minimize clutter while maximizing the livability of your home, there’s no better time than right now and no one better to help you do it than the expert team at Closet & Storage Concepts.  Contact us today to book your free in-home design consultation



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