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How to Create a Peaceful & Productive Home Office

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home offices colorado

Crafting a peaceful working environment is important. A home office that makes you feel stressed, scatter-brained, or unfocused will get in the way of your productivity. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite ideas for creating a zen home office that will help you get work done and feel good about it, too.

Noise Levels

Too much noise – whether from other members of your household or from outside – can be very distracting. Consider moving your home office into the quietest part of your home if possible. We can help you transform any part of your home into a home office with custom-designed desks and cabinetry.

Minimalist Style

A busy, cluttered office will make you feel mentally cluttered, too. Try out a minimalist style for your office. Reduce clutter, keep your desk clear, and try to avoid having too many non-work-related objects within your workspace. We also recommend keeping decorations light and simple. Avoid overly complex patterns, which can be too busy and make your space feel hectic. 

Keep Cords Organized

Tangled cords trailing over the floor will make your office feel messy and serve as a tripping hazard. Investing in a good cord management system will protect your cords and make your office feel neater. We have a variety of cord management systems that we can help you implement in a custom office space.

Good Lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact on your mood. When designing the layout of your home office, try to take advantage of natural light. A bit of sunlight can make all the difference! For artificial lighting, consider opting for warmer-hued light bulbs and softer lighting, which can help you feel more relaxed.


A small home office – especially without open windows or doors – can quickly get stuffy. Carbon dioxide can even build up, fogging up your mind. Ensure that your home office has a good, steady flow of fresh air. Adding plants around your home office can also help the air stay breathable. 

Create The Perfect Zen Home Office With Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado

Our team of experts will work with you to design and install the perfect home office. Small or large, we’ll work to create an office that’s tailored to your space and needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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