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How to Create a Stylish Custom Closet

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At Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado, we create custom storage solutions that are both stylish and functional. From unique built-ins to luxurious walk-in closets, our storage systems will help add style to your home. Below, we’ve outlined just a few design elements that we use to add style to our creations. 

Glass Drawer Doors

Glass doors add a stylish component to any storage system and can be used to display everything from home decor and family photos to your collection of shoes and handbags. Rather than simple open shelving or closed-off doors, glass brings a more interesting and high-end feeling to storage.

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Clean Lines

Clean lines and construction will ensure a modern, sharp-looking storage system. We manufacture our products to the highest standard, which ensures not a single line or piece of hardware is out of place. The end result is a stylish storage system that fits seamlessly into your home.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a great way to add flair and depth to storage designs. It adds a touch of style and elegance without overtaking or detracting from the storage system itself. Rather than a simple storage place, crown molding will transform any built-in or closet into a purposeful design element. 

Accent Colors

Color is a smart way to create both eye-catching designs or a subtle style element. Consider gold accents along the lines of your closet for an elegant touch. For a bolder look, we can even create a custom-colored closet to tie any area of your home together. 

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Sliding Doors

When applicable, sliding doors provide a functional design aspect to closets. They work especially well with reach-in closets, but can be used for any storage system that includes doors. Consider frosted glass doors for a modern look, or barn style doors for a more rustic touch.

Marble Accents

For the ultimate touch of luxury, consider marble countertops for your storage system. This will add inarguable elegance to your home. Not only is marble beautiful, but it’s also exceptionally durable – giving you a storage solution to last a lifetime.

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