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How to Design a Home Office for Denver Telecommuters

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Custom home office Denver Colorado

Custom home office Denver ColoradoWorking from home in Denver can be a bit of a challenge at first. It may take some time to adjust to a new routine, especially if you’re used to being in a more collaborative environment. Part of maximizing your time on the clock starts with having the right space. We understand that space in Denver homes might be limited and we want to help you take advantage of every inch. If you don’t feel like turning your guest bedroom into a home office, you don’t necessarily have to. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado has the furniture and custom design solutions that make it possible to turn practically any space from underused to efficient. 

Underused Spaces 

While the most common spot for a home office is often the smallest bedroom, Denver telecommuters may want to first consider the underutilized spaces in their homes. The corner in the upstairs landing or even a breakfast nook can be transformed into the right workspace when you have the right accessories. We offer free in-home design consultations for us to measure and assess which areas of your home you might consider for a home office. Fresh eyes on an old problem can be exactly what you need to start seeing your home in a whole new light. 

Customizable Pieces 

When you walk into a standard furniture store, it’s not unusual to find pieces that are just slightly unsuitable for your home office. Maybe the desk is an inch too wide or the lamp is too tall to fit under the windowsill. Instead of feeling frustrated at the thought of all the stylish pieces you can’t have, why not work with a company who can customize each of the components? Your career is too important to skimp on the equipment you’ll use every single day. If you start resenting the height of your desk or the inconvenience of the storage space, you simply won’t be as effective. We will custom build a unit to include all the storage, desk space, lighting, and more that you might need. Say farewell to clutter because our custom solutions are tailored to fit all you need and want in an office. 

Custom home office with Murphy bed attached Denver COCreativity at Its Finest

Closet & Storage Concepts makes it possible to position drawers, shelves, and cabinets where they make sense. No matter what your personal work style entails, we create an environment where you can instantly switch from home mode to work mode. And if you do end up using your guest bedroom as your home office, we can install a Murphy or wall bed to the room, so you never have to choose between having company and having a space to work.

No matter how tight your space is or how specific your work habits are, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is proud to serve the telecommuters in Denver. We’re here to help you get more done, so you can move right on up. Contact us today to learn more!