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How To Get the Kids’ Closets Organized This Summer

Organized Closet Kids Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado

Organized Closet Kids Closet & Storage Concepts ColoradoSchool is almost out in Denver, and in addition to camps, sports leagues, and family vacations, we’re sure you want to get some projects done around the house this summer. To help get the next school year off to a smooth start, our design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado would suggest making the kids’ closets a top priority.

Having a clutter-free closet will empower kids to take care of their own things and give you one less thing to worry about on those hectic fall mornings.

Organize with Kids in Mind

Kids’ rooms are often smaller, but luckily so is their stuff. With the right strategy, you can find the space to keep any kid organized through summer activities and into the fall. Making sure storage is accessible to kids is important if they’re expected to help keep their spaces clean and tidy.

Consider hanging two clothes rods with one right at their height for frequently used items. Hooks, drawers, and other storage spaces also need to be easily accessible. Categorizing items can help keep everything in its proper place. Organizing clothes by type, such as short sleeves, long sleeves, dresses, and so on, on a clothing rod can make it easy to find outfits, and labeling bins and boxes with a photo or text will help them remember where toys, sport gear, and other items are stored. Closet & Storage Concepts in Denver has custom closet solutions that can tailor your closet space specifically for kids.

Utilize Every Space

Drawers, clothes rods, and shelves are obvious storage spaces in your kids’ closets. But don’t neglect the other available space, such as walls, doors, and floors. Keeping shoes in an over-the-door shoe caddy can keep them organized in pairs and easily accessible. Hanging hooks or a pegboard on the wall can keep hats, scarves, jewelry, and other accessories within reach, and utilizing bins and baskets on the floor will keep clutter from accumulating in the most obvious place.

Get the Kids Involved

Do not take this project on yourself. The kid’s closet is ultimately their domain, and getting them involved in the organization effort can empower them to take responsibility for their things. While hanging hooks and shelving may be the adult’s responsibility, kids can help by sorting through old toys and clothes they no longer want, and putting things away when the time comes.

You can also help kids take ownership of their closet by making sure it’s a kid-friendly space. Paint the closet a fun color, replace drawer knobs and pulls with new hardware designed just for them, and display their favorite toys or memorabilia on available shelving.

The school year can go by in a blur of activity. Invest the time to get the kids’ closets organized this summer so you can get the fall off to a smooth start. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is here to help you with custom closet solutions that are sure to delight the whole family.

Photo courtesy of our sister brand, More Space Place.