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How To Keep Your Utility Room Organized

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Although utility rooms may not be considered the most aesthetically pleasing space of the home, they are still considered one of the most important! Utility rooms can serve as the “catch-all” for everything you don’t want on display, including laundry, dirty shoes, bulky winter clothes, cleaning supplies, toolsets, and so many other miscellaneous items. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Denver, we understand the importance of a utility room, especially one that fits your custom needs. We have put together 3 tips on how to keep your utility room organized to fit your needs:

Create different sections within the room

We all know how fast a room can become cluttered, especially one that is built specifically for all of the stray household items. The first step to keeping your utility room in order is to create distinct sections for different categories. Designate one corner of the room to store all of your cleaning products, such as your broom, vacuum, disinfectant, window cleaner, etc. Keep all of your laundry items, such as detergent or an ironing board, in a completely separate section from the cleaning products. At the very least, this will give some structure to your utility room.

Add wall storage

Move all of the art you currently have hung up in the utility room into a room used for more than household storage, providing more space for wall storage. This is the perfect solution if your utility room is constantly running out of usable counter space or even floor space. Your utility room should still be functional amongst all of the chaos. Adding in some shelves or a hanging rack will allow for you to use the open counter space more efficiently.

Take off any doors and use that space for shelving

If you have any existing closets in your utility room, consider removing the doors. You can use that newly opened space to place a metal rack or even install your own shelves. Now that the space isn’t closed off, it won’t be as easy to create the “out of sight, out of mind” clutter!

Customize your space

We know how much work it can be to get your utility room organized, which is why we are here to help! We discover your specific needs and design a custom utility room to help keep even the most chaotic spaces organized. Reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts Denver today to schedule your free consultation.