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How to Organize a Shared Home Office

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Wondering how to make a shared home office work for you? Our basic guide below can help you get started with key considerations and space-saving solutions.

Keep it Simple

When you’re working with small spaces it can be tempting to make use of every available surface. While there are practical ways to go about this, it’s often best to leave a little bit of room open. Nobody wants to be suffocated by their workspace and operating in one that’s shared can sometimes get a little claustrophobic. Instead of placing things wherever there’s room for them, consider optimizing your space by adding a custom organizer. This can also double as the perfect separator between you and your partner. A tool such as this will grant you both straightforward access to everything you need along with a sense of personal space.

Create More Space by Consolidating

A custom organizer or desk setup is a great way to avoid unnecessary clutter. This is also where shared spaces save you quite a bit of money. Rather than purchasing two of everything, there are plenty of office supplies and tools that you can opt for just one of. Think of the items that both of you will use daily and likely won’t have to use at a constant rate. For example, you likely won’t need individual paperclip holders, staplers, or three-hole punches. Those items can be placed in an organizer between the two of you or in a place that’s easily reached. By cutting down on what you keep in the office, you can create more space for productivity and maintain an organized room.

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Choosing the Right Space

For some, a home office simply ends up wherever there is leftover space for it. But if you have the luxury of choosing where your workplace exists in your home make sure you opt for a room where the space around your desk(s) is walkable. Squeezing past your partner every time you have to leave the room can get awkward—especially if they’re in the middle of a meeting.

Create a Sense of Separation

Even in a shared office, not everything has to be shared. Regardless of who you split a room with, you should both have a sense of “what’s yours” and “what’s mine”. A separator is always a great way to create some distinction. But if this isn’t an option or you like the idea of an open space, you can still make it your own with a little personalized decoration. It’s also a good idea to have individual organizers where you can keep the things that pertain to you and your work only. This will help you stay organized and minimize confusion about who put what where.

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