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How to Save, Store, or Reuse Your Costumes

Halloween and scarecrow outdoor decorations


Halloween is a great time for kids and adults alike to dress up and take on their own alter ego, but once the festivities are over many people are often left wondering if they should toss or store their costumes. Here are some tips from Closet and Storage Concepts to help you save, store, or even reuse your costumes!

To Save or Not to Save?

Plagued by the questions in your head wondering if you should save your child’s costumes? Here are some things to consider. Try determining if the costume can be used again. Many costumes can likely be worn again or repurposed. The next thing to consider could be if the costume is actually liked. If the costume is in good condition and is well liked you should consider keeping it. If the costume no longer fits it could be passed down to a niece, nephew, or younger sibling, or repurposed. Store costumes that are well liked by your kids. Consider having a quota of the maximum amount you are willing to keep for dress-up and play time in order to restrict how much you will end up keeping and storing.

Storage Ideas

Good news! If you do decide to keep a few costumes you’ll have a number of options to store them. From hooks, knobs, adjustable racks, under-bed storage, or making a cute armoire, the options are almost endless. Simply tailor your storage units to fit your needs and décor!

Under-the-bed storage is great for small children as they can easily reach costumes when it’s play time and can help to put items away. It’s also great to free up closet space while keeping toys hidden. Consider a wall of hooks or knobs if you want to create a way to display the costumes. This can create a fun focal point in your child’s room or playroom. Plus you can find fun styles, finishes, and colors to match any design you may have in mind. Adjustable racks or collapsible closets can be a great use of space especially as your children age. Use the rack for temporary storage when they no longer need it for dress-up. Small armoires or vintage suitcases are design-friendly ways to make playtime even more fun while keeping costumes contained.

Fun Ways to Repurpose

Dress up scarecrows or use the costumes to create a fun outdoor display. Old costumes (or clothes) can work great to create a little Halloween spirit outdoors. Plus it can create delight for younger audiences when they see their old clothes being reused.

With all of that extra fabric, try cutting them up to make dish towels or rags. They can even be used to make an eclectic potholder. They’ll save your good towels and a trip to replace them, while creating a fun and budget-friendly activity to complete with your kids.

If you have a number of costumes to store and need extra help with a storage solution be sure to contact one of our knowledgeable designers at Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver! We can’t wait to cook up a solution for your Boulder, or Denver, CO home!

Photo by Michael Gil, used under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 2.0).