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How to Turn Your Closet Into a Luxurious & Organized Space

Luxurious custom closets in Denver

Luxurious custom closets in Denver

Having a well organized, aesthetically pleasing closet can make your home feel like a luxurious mansion, even if you’re working with a small space. The organization process can take on many forms, including the addition of shoe racks and shelving, glass door inserts, and a closet island. Explore some luxurious closet design options below from the local experts at Closet and Storage Concepts of Colorado.

Shoe Racks & Shelving

Installing wooden shoe racks and shelving is an efficient way to utilize space, while making your closet seem more elegant. This is especially true when you extend your storage from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Shoe racks can be part of a larger shelving unit, or they can be stand-alone pieces that can showcase all types of shoes whether they are for formal, casual, or athletic occasions. Many luxurious homes feature closets with shoe racks. To maximize your storage space we recommend hiring a professional designer, as they can choose the perfect shelf heights for your entire collection.

Glass Door Cabinets

Wood cabinetry with glass doors can make your closet seem sophisticated. It also makes it easier to get dressed for work, sporting events, or a night out on the town since you’ll be able to see your items at a glance. You can install cabinetry in certain areas of your closet, or you can fill out the entire space. Cabinets can be used to store cufflinks, tie pins, watches, jewelry, shirts, and slacks, just to name a few things. Keeping items behind glass doors protects pieces while keeping clothing and accessories organized.

Closet Island

Whether it’s large or small, a closet island can make your life easier and your closet seem like it’s a more sophisticated space. Much like cabinets and shelves, islands can be used to store accessories, but they can also serve as spaces to help you get ready for the day (or night) ahead. You can lay your clothes and accessories out on the top of your island, while you’re getting dressed. It can also be a place to put makeup and perfumes – making it even easier to get ready in the morning.

Follow these simple tips for home storage that transforms your closet into a space that is efficient and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re in search of local closet organization experts, take advantage of our free in-home design consultations to start creating the luxurious closet of your dreams.