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How to Welcome Holiday Guests in Style

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preparing for guests murphy bed ColoradoYou’ve cleaned every inch of bathroom, vacuumed the whole house, and even brought your extra plates and cutlery out of storage. But is your home really ready to accommodate holiday guests? If you’re getting anxious about finding enough space for everyone to get a good night’s sleep, but can’t stand the thought of buying yet another air mattress that you know will barely make it through Christmas Eve, consider a Murphy bed. Also known as a wall bed, this innovative and stylish piece of furniture might be the holiday sleeping solution you’ve been dreaming of.


The last thing that you’ll need to worry about when you’re hosting this holiday season is blowing up an air mattress at the end of the evening’s festivities. A Murphy bed can be made in advance, and then tucked away until it’s needed, saving you space and time when you’re busy hosting. Plus, most models can be unfolded with minimal effort by just one person.

Top Marks for Comfort

Unlike an air mattress, a Murphy bed will never deflate in the middle of the night. In fact, a Murphy bed might even be more comfortable than the mattress your guests sleep on at home! Your friends and family have endured long days of traveling to spend the holidays with you. Welcome them with a sleeping arrangement that will actually help them sleep! Plus, helping your guests get a good night’s sleep will make their visit more enjoyable for everyone. We carry sizes from twin to king to accommodate guests of every age.

murphy bed holiday guests Colorado


Murphy beds are known for their ability to maximize the utility of any space, and your home is no exception! While many people associate them with studio apartment living, a well-installed Murphy bed is right at home in your guest bedroom, home office, or playroom. What’s more, Murphy beds are ideal for accommodating all the extra people in your home over the holidays, since they can easily be folded up during the day to make room for extra entertaining space. Don’t waste space in your home with a bulky mattress frame you only use a few times per year. Murphy beds give you the space and freedom you need year-round without sacrificing hospitality during the holidays.

Murphy beds are a fuss-free way to take your hosting game to the next level. If you’re ready to offer your guests the superior sleep experience of a real bed, let the professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts do the installation work for you. Find an experienced installation team near you today!

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