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Items to Throw Away Now

clean neat bathroom vanity with trayWhile many homes have junk drawers that serve as a catch-all for items that don’t have permanent storage spots, you want to avoid making turning your entire house into a junk drawer, by regularly clearing out useless clutter. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we probably have some item from this list hanging around our homes, taking up valuable storage and living space. Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado is here to help you take advantage of every square inch of your home, with this list of common items that you should throw away now.

Old Paperwork

Tax statements, old bills, even magazines are in almost every home. These items often take up space in your office, entertainment centers, and on coffee tables. Unless you have collectible magazines, do a purge to clear up some needed space in your life. With many items going digital, many bills can either be found online or stored on a hard disk that takes up significantly less space than your stack of old bills.

The IRS and tax professionals recommend keeping records from the last seven years, so any paperwork older than this should be considered fair game to be removed from your home. Shred these documents to prevent identity theft.

Old Manuals and Electronic Cords

If you’ve found the manuals for old appliances you gave away years ago after cleaning out your junk drawer, it’s time to say goodbye to them. Create a folder for any electronic items you currently own, such as household appliances and entertainment systems. This keeps your manuals in one place so that they won’t get lost, and you’ll be able to find them when you need them.

Electronic cords that you have no use for should also be given away. If you are struggling to connect the cords to their source, it’s time to send them off to someone who would put them to better use. Try Craigslist, a garage sale, or donating them before you throw them in the trash. There are plenty of hobbyist electricians and tinkerers who would love the opportunity to make use of your old electronics.

Toiletries Gone Wrong

As with food, toiletries also expire. Take a gander through your medicine cabinets, under your sink, maybe even in your linen closet, to go through products that are past their prime. Sunscreen is especially important to dispose of, as expired sunscreen could be doing your skin more harm than good. Toss out products that you do not find usable, or donate them to someone who could, as long as they’re not expired. You’ll have a countertop as pristine as the photo above in no time!

As you clear out old and unneeded items throughout your home, this is a great time to get organized, whether it’s in your closets, home office, or bathroom. You’ll be able to see areas that you can improve on, and find better homes for the things you use regularly. Utilize custom storage solutions that fit you and your lifestyle. Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado to help you create a home that you love, which will work better (not harder) for you!

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