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Keeping Clutter at Bay in Your Colorado Home

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Everyday clutter can accumulate quickly, from misplaced toys to shoes abandoned halfway into the home. Getting clutter under control isn’t always easy, especially when you lead a busy life. The team at Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help with tips and tricks for keeping clutter at bay in your home, both daily and long-term.

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Donate or Discard Useless Clutter

Some clutter, like a discarded coat, can simply be put back in place. When your home is filled with clutter that’s both useful and useless, though, it makes it more difficult to stay ahead of organization. The first step in conquering clutter is to clear out any items that no longer serve a purpose. Donate items that you no longer need, discard those old receipts and expired coupons, and start with a cleaner slate.

Create an Organization System That You Can Stick To

No one organization system will work for everyone. When finding a way to stay on top of clutter, it’s important to find a system that suits your habits, household, and personality. A cleaning calendar can be a great way to begin developing good habits and can be shared with other members of your household. 

If you’re the type to keep a checklist of tasks that need to be done, make sure you’re including smaller day-to-day decluttering tasks as well as larger cleaning projects. A simple checkmark for a daily, 5-minute decluttering session can keep daily clutter from becoming a bigger problem.

Entryway Storage Systems

Your entryway is often where clutter starts. Without a clear place for shoes, coats, or everyday items like keys and sunglasses, these belongings can quickly become strewn throughout your home. An effective entryway storage system will prevent this! A customized entryway or mudroom storage system will provide the optimal place to store everything from coats to school bags to keys. Hanging storage and customized drawers will combine to create the perfect place to store day-to-today items. 

Customized Storage

Clutter can be caused by a lot of factors – an active home, a busy schedule, and inadequate storage systems. The solution? Customized storage systems! Custom cabinets, shelving, and more can go well beyond your entryway. We can help with closet systems, kitchen pantries, garage storage systems, and more. Giving your items a dedicated, well-suited home with custom storage systems will help you maintain order in your life.

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