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Keeping Storage Organized During Transition Months

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Have you ever looked at all your belongings, wonder where they came from and where they will go? If you have kids, are big on fashion, tradition, or holidays, things can quickly accumulate. While everything looks beautiful while it’s in use, what happens when that occasion is done? Keeping storage organized during the transition months doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is a few custom pieces and you’ll keep things in order without putting your home in disarray. Here are three key areas that Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help you transform to build the organization you need. 

Custom Garage Organization in Colorado


Having custom closets can help keep your things organized while keeping them out of the way. The beauty of a custom closet is that you can create shelving for each specific need. Drawers, pull-outs and other customizations will make it a space that delivers functionality and purpose. This is a great space to house all your coats and winter clothing during the warmer months, and will work the same as it starts to get cooler. Customized closets also help organize those items that can’t be housed in other places of your home due to factors like humidity.


Garages don’t have to be a disorganized catch-all. Creating custom cabinetry keeps things neat, easily accessible and out of the way without taking up valuable real estate inside your home. Complete with drawers and shelving, you’ll be able to transition from month to month with ease. Your seasonal items like outdoor decorations, ornaments, trees, picnic tables and chairs, and other items will have their own home to keep them clean and out of sight.


Utility rooms make great spaces for housing certain items during the transition months. This is a good place to store linen and specialty items that don’t really work for a closet, and may be too delicate to house in a garage. You can customize this area with shelving, drawers, pull-outs, work tables and more to keep everything in its place and organized for the next season.

Keeping it All Together

Getting organized can seem overwhelming, but all it takes is a little vision and assistance to get things exactly how you need them. There is always a home for everything you have, it’s just realizing your space and how you can make things work. The team at Closet & Storage Concepts specializes in helping you get organized with custom pieces that get the job done.

Call Closet & Storage Concepts for an in-home consultation and let our expert design team do the rest. We can perfectly customize your storage solutions to integrate with your lifestyle and your personal taste. Get started here or call us today at (303) 682-4052. 


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