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Kid Storage & Clean Up Tips

kids bedroom bookshelf

kids bedroom bookshelfIf you have kids, you probably know how difficult it is to keep your home clean and organized. Luckily, Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado is here to help! Use these tips on some best practices for kid storage, and how you can help your kids get organized too! It’s a great time to re-do their rooms or play areas if summer vacation has already started!

Keep It Low

Storage solutions that work for you and your significant other may not work for your child. However, you can adapt solutions and storage to fit your kids’ needs. You’ll want to keep your child’s perspective in mind as you go about creating a solution that works for them. Customized storage solutions can offer the best opportunity to help keep your kids and their stuff organized as they age. One way to adapt your storage solutions is to keep things at a lower level. Kids aren’t as tall as you, so their rails and bins shouldn’t be either.

Keep more beloved toys closer to the ground, and more valuable items and lesser-used toys up high. They can always ask for help if they want to play with things that are above their reach.


Bins are a great way to corral your kids’ mess. Incorporate different types of bins, from sturdy metal catch-alls to textured wicker baskets. There are also cloth options that have cardboard or plastic sides for support. You can opt for transparent bins so that your child can easily find the items they’re looking for, or opaque ones that will hide their mess! This will help keep the clutter at bay. Decorative baskets serve double duty as a decorative element, while also being extremely functional.


This can be the most stressful part when trying to contain your kids’ areas, but it’s often the most rewarding. Strategizing now will help you to keep your sanity, even as your kids grow. Developing habits such as establishing a designated time to clean their room and playrooms, ideally once a week, will help you to keep your home clean while teaching them basic skills. You can try many different tactics in order to find the options that will fit your family and lifestyle.

Try creating a “mess allowed zone” that gives them a small area for to go a bit crazy in, without it spreading to the rest of your home. Keep the area hidden by creating a custom solution such as hanging a curtain, or using an area of your home that is not frequently visited by guests. Your children may even surprise you by keeping it clean once they are used to the habits you’ve instilled in them.

Kids are a great joy, but they often cause our homes to become disorganized. Let Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver help you to create a home that your whole family will love! Give us a call today for your free, in-home consultation!

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