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Letting Go Of Identity Clutter

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Everyone has identity clutter. Before you start panicking, let us explain what it is. Think about the hobbies or interests that define you. The things you buy out of impulse or because of a trend, or simply, the things you don’t use anymore that are associated with the interests that make up your identity can become interest clutter. Declutter without giving up who you are!

Learn To Let Go

Don’t get rid of everything that makes you who you are. The design of the decluttering process is to identify the items that don’t add value to your life as other things do.

Say you’re into coffee and have a machine that makes the perfect cup every time. Later, you start buying all of the tools in those picturesque videos online showing you how to make the “perfect cup,” but nothing seems to stick. Slowly, the feelings of inadequacy set in, and you sit there thinking: “Can I really make good coffee if I don’t use the same tools?”. Yes! Yes, you can because you already know how to make the perfect cup for you!

Keeping unused items takes up space and can even hinder the experience of doing what you love.

Trends & Clutter

There is no shame in following trends. It’s human nature, and the fear of missing out can feel extremely real. Sometimes, we acquire things to legitimize our interests instead of curating our craft and truly getting to know ourselves. Next thing you know, you run out of space, making it impossible to tidy up.

Trust The Process

It sounds like a scary process because we can feel like we are saying goodbye to a version of ourselves that we tried to be. The best part of decluttering is that it doesn’t have to happen overnight! Start with a few items, and be easy on yourself as you let go. Remind yourself that life is not one-size-fits-all.

Go Custom

Everyone has different interests and hobbies that make them happy. In the same way, everyone has distinct organizational habits. If you try to be like the organization influencers you see online, you might feel more unmotivated than ever if you don’t find something that sticks. Pay close attention to your organizational habits and lean into them. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado designs custom storage solutions for strict and flexible lifestyles. Book an online consultation today!