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Make Back To School Meal Prepping Easy

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A well-stocked pantry will be one of the biggest tools to get through the school season. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Even sticking to the essentials is enough to make a difference in your daily routine. You will love it and your kids will too!

Snack Areas

Snacks are paramount to getting ready for school and for an after-school pick-me-up. Pull-out shelves and baskets are some of our favorite options for snack storage because they increase visibility. Keeping snacks in sight and within reach is a fool-proof way to make sure snacks don’t go to waste. Never miss an item on a grocery run by keeping things in view!

Food Container Storage

Food containers are a must for packing lunches. We all know they can be tricky to store since they come in different shapes and sizes. Custom storage provides a combination of dimensions depending on your storage needs.

Make Healthy Choices Easy

A mix of shelving and closed cabinets can promote healthier food choices. Put sweet treats behind closed doors and keep trail mix and other alternatives on shelves. The goal here is not to restrict, but simply guide your little ones in the right direction.

Make Fast Dinner Decisions

Back To School Meals also involve dinner time. Busy schedules and hungry kids often require fast and easy prep. Organize food by cook time to quickly come up with an entire dinner spread with the things that are grouped together.

Consider A Small Workspace

Transform part of your pantry into a small workspace that can be the hub of your kitchen & pantry operations. This space is great for keeping grocery lists and event calendars. Never miss a beat when it’s your turn to bring food to a school event. This can also be your drop-off zone for permission slips!

In the heat of back-to-school season, spend more quality time with your kids with storage solutions that will help you save time and reduce stress. Make Room For Life® with Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado