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Make Your Guest Room Multipurpose

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Murphy Bed storage system.

As travel continues to open up again, family and friends we have not seen can finally come visit. This is exciting and fun, but after a year of guest rooms collecting dust or becoming repurposed, this can become an issue for space. Rather than having your guests sleep on a couch or squishing your home office into a new corner, you can optimize your guest room to comfortably fit both! With storage solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts, you can make your guest room more multipurpose to better fit your life.

With custom storage solutions in your home, the options for use in rooms like guest rooms become endless. More than a sleeping space for friends and family that come visit, your guest room can be a useful space for your life. It can be your work from home office, a playroom for kids, or a craft room for your creative side! Two of our best options for optimizing this space are Murphy Beds and Custom Closets.

Murphy Bed

Murphy Beds are an outstanding option for optimizing space in a multi use room. If you like to use your spare room as a play room or craft room, having the option to put up the bed and open up floor space is essential. As an office, there are custom Murphy Bed setups that include a built-in desk. This allows you to keep your desk setup no matter what. With customized built-ins, shelves, drawers, and cabinets can all be used to fit your needs perfectly.

Custom Closet

A custom closet system is another option to increase the functionality of your guest space. Closet customizations  can include shoe racks, hanging rods, shelving, drawers, and more accessories. You can set aside part of the space for guest use without sacrificing the whole closet for your needs. 

Creating a welcoming environment for your guests can be a struggle in a room with inefficient storage options. While it is not possible to clear out a room every time a loved one comes to visit, you can create a room that is comfortable while they stay and functional when they leave. Looking for more help making the most out of your guest room? Our storage experts will work with you to find the most functional solutions. Contact us today at Closet & Storage Concepts to get started.