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Money-Saving Custom Closet Features

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A custom closet is an investment, but it is worth the money. There are so many reasons to get a custom closet. Not only will you reap the benefits of organization, but you will add beauty and value to your space. Today, we will focus on the money-saving features of a custom closet.

You will be surprised how many things we buy to stay organized. Most of these items need replacing in a couple of months depending on use, and most aren’t even very useful. 

Protect Your Jewelry

Jewelry boxes take up precious counter space, so why not have them built in? A custom closet can accommodate your jewels in a felt-lined drawer with sections for your small and large pieces. Jewelry is an investment that you should protect. Most jewelry boxes give you the illusion of security by adding a lock. In the unfortunate chance that a jewelry box is taken, it can be broken later. Avoid the risks of having your valuables taken by equipped with a lock for added security. A built-in jewelry drawer is equipped with a lock that will keep your pieces safe.

Find The Right Lighting

The lighting in the closet is often less than ideal, which makes you want to find battery-powered press-on lights to stick onto the wall. While they may seem convenient, they often end up falling off. Some of those lights even have glue that’ll rip off your wall paint. Instead, enhance your built-in closet wall units with track lights or spotlighting. Say goodbye to swapping batteries and constant paint repairs. 

Consider Storage Accessories

Hampers go through a lot of wear and tear. Plastic hampers become brittle and break, leaving an exposed sharp edge. Cloth or basket hampers are an alternative, but they are not cheap and not easy to clean. They are also prone to holes that are not easy to repair due to the material. A custom closet features a built-in hamper –that will easily outlive any other. Its wire basket provides support for the cloth lining. 

Implementing these money-saving closet organization tips can save you money and reduce stress in your daily routine. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado has an immense collection of closet accessories for a wardrobe that lasts a lifetime.