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Mud Room Storage Tips

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Contemporary Denver laundry room storage

Contemporary Denver laundry room storageMudrooms are a great feature to have in any home and often function as both an entryway and laundry room. When organized properly, mudrooms also offer great storage potential. Read on for some storage tips for your mudroom!

Labeled Laundry Baskets

If your mudroom doubles as a laundry room, it’s crucial to have storage systems in place to keep your laundry organized. Keep a multi-section laundry hamper next to your laundry machines and label each section accordingly. Sorting the laundry like this ahead of time will save you time and energy when the hamper is full, so you’re not left sorting through a big pile of clothes.

Shelving and Hooks

Adding some simple hooks will provide a place for people to hang coats, purses, and bags, and extra shelves are great for storing folded laundry, towels, and cleaning supplies. Install some shelves above your laundry machine for easy access to items you use regularly, like laundry detergent and dryer sheets. You can even purchase some baskets or storage bins to keep the items in if you don’t like the look of them sitting on the shelf out in the open.

Shoe racks

A mudroom is often the first barrier between the outdoors and the inside of your home, and will see plenty of water, dirt, dust and of course, mud. Unless you want to regularly have a pile of muddy shoes lying on the floor, a good quality shoe and boot rack is a necessity. Having an accessible place for friends and family to store their shoes will encourage them to remove their shoes before entering your home, which will help protect your floors, and it will also help keep your mudroom neat and tidy. Incorporate shoe storage with storage benches which double as a place to put on shoes and extra storage. 

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