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Murphy Bed Combinations That Work

Custom wood murphy bed and office combination.

Custom wood murphy bed and office combination.

If you’ve ever heard about or seen a murphy bed, you know that they are a great solution to maximize space no matter how big your home is. Maximize your space even further by trying a unique murphy bed and storage combination. Here are some of the most popular combinations that can work in your Denver, CO home.

Hidden in a Closet

If you have a reach-in closet in your guest bedroom, the team at Closet and Storage Concepts can help you transform it into a place to house a murphy bed. While you may be thinking that you’re losing closet space, try looking at it as a benefit by adding a murphy bed. It’s a really unobtrusive way to incorporate a murphy bed in your space. This combo works especially well if you use your guest room as a home office – say hello to a multifunctional room!

With a Desk

One of our most popular combinations is a murphy bed with a desk. Our cabinetry seamlessly blends with our custom home office solutions. If you are looking to make your office multipurpose, then adding in murphy bed can be a great option. Combined with a desk and proper storage, you can expect your space to be more organized and more usable. Many desks can even be customized so that the desk can fold away or tuck away when not in use!

Add in A Couch

If your guest room is mainly used for playtime or an entertaining area, combining a wall bed unit with a couch can be a great addition for you. When stowed, your space can easily be used to watch a movie or play with the kids. Simply fold down the wall bed when you have guests over and the couch becomes a support. With other built-ins, you can even gain additional storage with small bookshelves on the sides of your wall bed.

Transformative Bookcases

Add a bit of magic to your space with bookcases and shelves that transform. For a guest room, home office, or maybe even your living room, add one of our innovative storage systems. While it looks like a typical bookcase for trinkets, books, or other media, gently pulling the shelves to the side reveals a pull down bed! Not only will you effectively double storage, you’ll have a sleek way to keep your guest bed hidden.

No matter the combination you decide to go with, choose from a number of finishes and styles to fit your existing décor. Find what works for your space by visiting our Longmont, CO showroom today or schedule your free home design estimate!