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Murphy Beds: Best Places to Install One in Your Home

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Murphy Bed Guest Room Denver ColoradoMurphy beds, also known as wall beds, have been around since the early 1900s and they have been widely used in both homes and hotels. They have been increasing in popularity once again because they give more space in a home and are flexible for your needs in terms of design and use. If you are considering a wall bed in your home, here are some of the most ideal (and popular) places to install it.

Guest Bedroom 

This is one of the most obvious areas to install one because the space is often used for visitors. Murphy beds are frequently installed in a guest bedroom as they allow for extra space when the bed is stowed. This is particularly great for homeowners who only host visitors a few times a year. When no one is visiting, the guest room can easily be turned into a place for overflow storage or extra activities (yoga studio, anyone?).

If you need multiple beds, there are some horizontal wall bed options that can even act as bunk beds so you can host even more people!

Custom Home Office Desk Bed Colorado Home Office

If your home office is small, you may be wondering how you could possibly install a Murphy bed. Our designers take exact measurements to insure a perfect fit. A Murphy bed easily allows your home office to transform into a guest area. Murphy beds look like another wall storage unit when not in use, and additional storage space can be incorporated around it to help keep you organized.


Basements are prime territory for Murphy beds. This is because, like a guest room, the basement is often used for multiple purposes. More privacy in a basement makes it a great room for hosting guests. Install a wall bed to make the most of your space. Complete crafts or have playtime when the bed is stowed, and when guests come into town, it’s a quick switch. A custom space-saver like a Murphy bed can elevate the look in your basement because the paneling can be quite luxurious; it can give your basement a completed look.

Are you ready to start designing your Murphy bed? Give Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado a call! Our local designers are ready to assist you.