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Organization Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe In Great Condition

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Proper organization of your wardrobe will help your clothes and accessories remain in great condition. Below, we outline 3 important organization rules for keeping your wardrobe clean and pristine!

Know When To Fold & When To Hang Clothing

Knowing when to fold clothes and when to hang clothes will help you avoid wrinkles and creases, as well as ensure that your clothing maintains its shape. When organizing your closet or considering storage additions, make sure you keep in mind which elements of your wardrobe need hanging storage and which should be folded. As a general rule, you should hang heavier outerwear, such as winter coats and hefty jackets, as well as fancier elements of your wardrobe such as suits and formal dresses. Most day-to-day items, like jeans and t-shirts, can fold well. Knit and cashmere sweaters might also benefit from being carefully folded in drawers as opposed to hung up.

Use High-Quality Storage

A crucial element in ensuring that your wardrobe is kept in pristine condition is using high-quality storage systems that suit your needs. From hats to shoes, all elements of your wardrobe will benefit from the right kind of storage. A storage system that protects your wardrobe from too much light, dust, or moisture will help your clothing last longer. Additionally, having the right kind of storage – from hanging rods to shelves to drawers – will ensure that you can properly organize your entire wardrobe. A well-designed closet will go a long way in protecting your clothes and accessories!

Dedicated Accessory Storage

Properly storing accessories will prevent missing earrings, crushed handbags, scuffed shoes, and more. Accessories like jewelry, watches, and cufflinks will benefit from felt- or velvet-lined jewelry drawers with custom inserts. Shoes will be kept in prime condition with help from shoe racks. Handbags, instead of being crushed or shoved to the side, might have the perfect home within a cubby system. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we can help by installing all these accessory storage options and more.

Upgrade Your Closet With Closet & Storage Concepts

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