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Organize Your Home Office For Hybrid Work

Cable organization Denver

As we navigate through the pandemic, your office might adopt a hybrid model: partially telecommuting and partially working in the office. Here are some tips for organizing your Denver home office to accommodate your changing workspace. 

Make a List 

First, make a list. What do you use daily for work? Examples include pens, notebooks, earbuds, laptops, chargers, HDMI chords, etc. Knowing exactly what you need for the day is essential for organizing your space to accommodate a hybrid work model. Additionally, you can use this list when you are transitioning back and forth from the office. By following this list, you’ll never forget any essential equipment in the office or back home! 

Home office organization for hybrid work Denver
Organize your home office for hybrid work!

Give Each Item A Home 

Have a designated spot for everything at home and the office. Similarly, it’s important to keep similar items together. For example, make sure to store all your pens together when not in use in a specific area of your home office. While it’s easy to keep frequently used items on your desk when not in use, this creates clutter and hides how many materials you actually own. When you place pens together, for example, you’ll know how many you own and use daily. Using this strategy, you won’t accidentally buy or bring home more materials than you need! Keep your home office and office functional and clean with this simple system. 

Organizing Cables 

Organizing power chord for electronic cables Denver
Organize your cables easily!

Using electronic devices for telecommuting also means accumulating charging cords and cables. These can be a pain to organize in your home office as they always seem to get tangled, especially when you transport them back and forth from the office. We recommend cable wraps for organizing thicker cords. For thinner cables, use a bag clip to keep them organized. Coil your cord into a neat loop and secure it with a bag clip. Also, you can use different colored bag clips to help you distinguish between cables! This easy hack is low cost and helps keep your home office tidy. 

As you switch between the office and your home, keep your workspace functional and clutter-free! Looking to further organize your home office? Closet & Storage Concepts Denver has everything you need for the perfect home office makeover. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Photo credit: © Christian Horz