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Organizing a Garage for Winter Activities

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If you live in an area that has distinctive seasons, you are likely familiar with having to plan ahead for the tools and equipment in your garage that you’ll want close at hand when the thick of winter rolls around. While it’s easier in the summer to pull things out onto the driveway, that gets much harder with snow on the ground. Primary winter concerns center around the accessibility of snow and ice removal tools. If you’re in need of a custom garage system that makes finding tools and winter storage easier, look no further than Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado. Here are a few things to consider when planning out how you need to use your garage.

Custom garage organizer Denver, ColoradoDesignate Space

If you store bulky yard equipment like lawnmowers in the garage, designate a parking spot for everything as much as possible. Knowing where everything is supposed to go will help you know how much space you have to organize. Other large items such as driveway and sidewalk sand or salt, shovels, and more should also have a place so that they don’t end up cluttering your walkways. 

Organize Gear

Active families often have a plethora of seasonal gear to organize. Find a way to safely tuck away sports equipment you won’t be using without losing track of them by the time you have to unearth them again in the spring or summer. A custom garage cabinet can help with this by including adjustable shelving, open storage, and pull-out baskets so you can corral and separate everything by season. A tall cabinet is perfect for storing snowboards, skis, or sleds while narrower drawers are great for keeping gardening tools tidy. 

Safely Store

In a place like Denver, it’s only natural that we will have plenty of off-season storage to make space for. Clear bins that slide perfectly into custom shelves will let you keep track of everything you own and make it easy to pull down the new bin when you need to take out more gloves, hats, and other winter items. Another great use of designated bins and shelves is for all your holiday decor. With bins specifically for each holiday, you’ll never pull out a stray Halloween mask when looking for your Christmas tree skirt. 

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